Nabil Al Alawi

Nabil Alalawi obtained a B. Sc. degree in Petroleum Engineering from Louisiana State University in 1965, and started working in the oilfield for Otis Engineering that same year. In the 12 years to follow, Nabil grew in his career beginning from being a field helper in the USA all the way to a General Manager in the UAE, traveling to many countries in between. At that point, residing in Abu Dhabi, he decided it was time for a greater challenge. Together, with two dear friends, he established AlMansoori Specialized Engineering in 1977.

Starting with two slickline units, which Nabil himself operated in the field for the first few jobs, he rapidly expanded the company into other oilfield services such as production testing, coiled tubing and pipe inspection. From these humble beginnings the company has grown and expanded throughout the Middle East & North Africa. Under Nabil’s leadership, the company has developed its own unique corporate culture, earning status as a regional leader that attracts the best and brightest that the industry has to offer. The name “Al Mansoori specialized engineering“ has become synonymous with family values, customer service, and quality.

While his work remains his top priority, Nabil is very passionate about health and well-being. Being a cancer survivor, he has made health optimization a personal mission not only for himself but for his extended family, implementing a Health Monitoring & Management System (HMMS) in the company. There are two holistic doctors working full time to help the employees take ownership of their health by educating them about how the body functions and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. As for Nabil’s favorite way to stay active, golf wins hands-down. He is known for being a straight shooter on and off the course however his handicap remains undisclosed.

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