Well Planning

AlMansoori Directional Drilling Services (MDDS) uses Land Mark Compass for Well Planning with the latest updated version.

This software have been recognized by most of the Clients and also in use by them.

Having experienced Well Planners whom have great exposure to directional drilling operations in the Company areas of operation, enabled MDDS to serve the Clients to reach their goals avoiding any collisions to nearby wells. On the other hand, the organization had the chance to participate in very delicate operation to enter the existing wells at certain defined points as relief wells and re-entries.


  • Accurate and cost-effective well plans
  • Avoid costly collision incidents
  • Reduced well-planning cycle time


  • Comprehensive well path planning
  • Survey data management
  • Anti-collision analysis
  • Multiple depth referencing support
  • ISCWSA survey tool modeling
  • POSC model conformance
  • Industry Standard Geomagnetic models (BGGM and NOOA) support
  • Real-time support
  • Integration with EDM™ database applications
  • OpenWorks database integration
  • Directional difficulty Index (DDI)
  • Well path optimizer
  • Site/Platform placement optimization tool
  • Wall plot composer

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