Rig Floor Tubing Inspection

AlMansoori performs Integrated Inspection System that inspects used tubing by Electro Magnetic Inspection (EMI) during pull-out, and hydro tests the string during completion. The EMI is done using purpose built portable inspection system that will be fixed on the Rig Floor, and tubing pulled out through it.
The unit consists of 3 separate chambers; a pneumatic chamber-sensor combination that detects any split or hole in the tubing, and 2 hall effect sensor chambers, one to monitor any reduction in wall thickness due to wall thinning or rod-wear, and another to detect any corrosion, transverse cuts, cracks, scales etc. The unit is remotely operated by the Inspection Engineer from trailer, and each tubing in the string is classified based on API RP 5C1.
This unique System facilitate NDT as well as Pressure Testing of the Tubing string in one go to reduce turn around time of the Rig significantly besides helping to save cost of tubings that could be reused.

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