Offshore Pedestal Crane Inspection

Perform Inspection and certification of Offshore pedestal crane inspection in accordance with API RP 2D by qualified and certified crane inspection personnel.

The main scope of inspection includes;

  • Wire rope Mechanics / Classification / Characteristics
  • Rope maintenance (lubrication, storage and handling)
  • Crane mounting Types and features (Hook and Roller, Ball Ring, King Post)
  • Verification of NDT inspection reports
  • Power units and compliance
  • Boom inspection and repair;

  • Safety Systems (boom luffing limit, hoist limits, boom stops and anti-two-block systems)
  • Inspect Swing circle assemblies (ball rings)
  • Crane safety systems (ESD, Anti-two-block systems, boom limits, swing limits, etc.)
  • Function test of Emergency Load Lowering
  • Wire rope inspection
  • Boom inspection
  • Hoist brake testing
  • Sheave inspection
  • Inspection of hydraulic system

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