Measurement While Drilling (MWD) Systems

AlMansoori Directional Drilling Services is also providing the full range of Measurement While Drilling (MWD) services


Orientation: Inclination, azimuth and toolface angle measurements showcase the exact well trajectory.

Gamma and Depth: provides a geological map of formation bed boundaries relative to depth.

Shock and Vibration: Recording the speed of the drilling assembly which allows optimizing the drilling parameters and to avoid damaging the drilling BHA.



  • A fleet of Thirty complete MWD Packages
  • Manufactured by HPC, GEOLINK and NOV
  • Available for all sizes of well bores
  • Prepared for most types of drilling applications
  • Coming with all required surface and sub-surface required tools
  • Retrievable and Non-retrievable Telemetries
  • Having both Negative or Positive pulse modes
  • In house ability to service, maintain and maintain the MWD Kits

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