Drill Stem Testing

DST is a temporary completion of a wellbore that provides information on whether or not to complete the well. It is an oil and gas exploration procedure to isolate, stimulate and flow a downhole formation to determine the fluids present and the rate at which they can be produced. The main objective of a DST is to evaluate the commercial viability of a zone’s economic potential by identifying productive capacity, pressure, permeability or extent of an oil or gas reservoir.
AlMansoori provides a complete set of a Cased Hole DST tools to perform a cost effective well evaluation:

Our Services

Drill Stem Testing DST Cased Hole Tools:​​

  • Internal Pressure Compensated Slip Joints​
  • Single Shot Reverse Circulating Valves​
  • Annulus Operated Multi Cycle Circulating Valve​
  • Annulus Operated Tester Valve​
  • Annulus Operated Tester Valve, Lock Open Feature.​
  • Rupture Disc Operated Samplers​
  • E-Gauge Carriers​
  • Memory Gauges (Pressure & Temperature)​
  • Hydraulic Jars​
  • Tension Safety Joints
  • DST Casing Packers (Mechanical and Hydraulic Setting)​
  • BOP Safety Valve.​
  • Real Time Down Hole DATA Acquisition, (TRICS-PARAGON Systems) through METROL .​
  • Annulus pressure operated Single Phase Bottom Hole Sampler or Acoustically Operated through METROL​
  • Tubing Conveyed Perforations (TCP) through our Logging & Perforating Department AMLS.​

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