HSEQ Development Program (HSEQ-DP)

Is a mandatory training program that all operators all the way to General Managers must attend and pass, its primary objective is to develop their basic knowledge and competence on AlMansoori’s HSEQ systems and programs. The HSEQ-DP will enable them to successfully implement, manage and sustain a high level of HSEQ standards.

Five Modules:

  • Module 1: Hazards and Risks
  • Module 2: HSEQ Tools and Communications
  • Module 3: Incident Investigation
  • Module 4: Audit and Inspection
  • Module 5: HSEQ Culture

Road Safety Policy

Road Safety is a major hazard and risk within the oil and gas industry and AlMansoori places high priority on ensuring strict policies and systems are in place.
AlMansoori’s road safety policy recognizes the importance of Road Safety Management and the potential for serious injury or fatality. AlMansoori will enforce the laws of the land, our clients requirements, and company driving rules and regulations strictly to ensure that driving related incidents are reduced to a minimum. Performance will be measured and continuous improvement sought against objectives and targets.
It is the responsibility of Managers to ensure that drivers follow local applicable Laws regarding traffic, AlMansoori and Client’s transportation / Road Safety Procedures. All drivers must hold a license that is appropriate for the type of vehicle being driven and medically fir to drive. In addition, all drivers must have road safety training and hold Document for Safe Driving.
AlMansoori will ensure that all vehicles used / hired or arranged must be fit for purpose and correctly equipped for the job undertaken.


  • All driving operations must only be undertaken in full compliance with AlMansoori and Clients driving regulations and the Laws of the Land.
  • A road safety strategy, which fulfills this policy, should be maintained.

Zero Tolerance Rules (ZTR)

  • The ultimate aim of the Zero Tolerance Rules is to prevent injuries and loss.
  • The Zero Tolerance Rules are applicable to AlMansoori Group of Companies worldwide and the persons working for and on behalf of the company.
  • All employees have the right to stop the job/activity if they will be in violation of the ZTR, and immediately report their concerns to the line management.
  • It is the responsibility of the line management to provide the resources and training required to all employees to ensure that they adhere to the ZTR.
  • The consequence of violating the ZTR is immediate dismissal.
  • It is the responsibility of the Business Unit Manager to ensure a thorough investigation into the ZTR violation, and a just conclusion is reached based on facts and evidence.
  • The recommendation to terminate an employee must be channeled through Human Capital and approved by the CEO.

Milestone Recognition Program

AlMansoori’s Milestone Recognition Program is intended to re-inforce a positive HSEQ culture and recognizes employees for their proceeded efforts and consistent compliance to the company policies and procedures. This initiative reward teams, if they achieve Zero Lost Time Incidents over a one year term.
  • The Milestone Recognition Program is to recognize award individual and teams for achieving Zero Lost Time Accident and to create an environment that is free of accident.
  • The program is designed to challenge the way employees think and increases understanding about the beliefs to achieve excellent HSEQ outcomes in an integrated manner.
  • The program is to promote teamwork and team spirit amongst employees.
AlMansoori’s Milestone Recognition Program (MRP) is designed to achieve Zero Lost Time Incident at work and to bring HSEQ to the forefront of our employees mind. Employees are rewarded financially for executing their work in a safe team environment. We continually promote a ‘no blame’ culture, and instead focus on incident prevention through planning, comprehensive risk assessments, suitable procedures and dedicated HSEQ leadership throughout the organization.

Incident Review Meeting (IRM)

The IRM was introduced In 2013, were quarterly management meetings are held to review high potential incidents, the meeting is chaired by the CEO; all incidents are presented by the GM of the business unit; relevant actions that may affect other units/divisions are mandatory to take on board; all actions will remain open until effective implementation is demonstrated; all outstanding/open actions will be reviewed at the next IRM. The ultimate aim of this meeting is to learn from those incidents and to apply the learnings to help prevent future occurrences.

Positive and Dangerous Feedback System (PDF)

The PDF is a complete communication tool that identifies positive behaviors, hazards in the workplace, and encourages quality suggestions and opportunities for improvement. Each PDF card is reviewed by the supervisors and actions are taken to close them out individually. If a hazard has a high potential then the operations manager and HSEQ must also be involved. All data is collected through an online web based system and is analyzed and management programs are put in place to address areas requiring improvement. Each employee has a target of one PDF per month, unless they work in a hazardous environment and their target may change.

Management Team Site Visit

Each calendar year the senior management of AlMansoori, lead by the CEO, will visit all countries with substantial work activities; to visit and inspect our bases and work locations, as well as to meet our clients and employees. The MTSV help to sustain a positive HSE culture in all our locations, by reinforcing what we do well and to take actions to continually improve.

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