Providing a quality products and services is essential to AlMansoori’s way of doing business, in addition to our stringent QA/QC processes we have also two important initiatives our Customer Feedback program and the FailFest meeting that supports the organizations continual learning and improvement.

Customer Feedback

After every job, AlMansoori’s quality management system requires that we ask our clients for their feedback to identify any areas that may require additional focus. Our customer feedback forms have ten categories that are ranked from one to ten. The results of the customer feedback are reviewed by the line management and if action is required that it is taken. In addition the data is collected and analyzed to identify any division or corporate initiatives to improve our systems. Our clients’ feedback is essential to ensure that AlMansoori is providing the best possible service.


FailFest is new initiative launched by our Corporate Quality Department, to review any business failures that may have cost the company a financial loss, delays to our operations, effected our reputation, and/or not meeting our clients’ expectations. In all organizations mistakes happen, within AlMansoori our aim is to investigate them thoroughly and to identify exactly what went wrong, by discussing those mistakes and sharing the learnings from them. Our Failfest meetings are chaired by the CEO and attended by all senior managers.

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