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Global Chemical Company L.L.C. (GCC) was established as a chemical manufacturing facility in Abu Dhabi in September 2009.
The computerized manufacturing plant produces premium quality Sodium Asphalt Sulphonate (SAS), also known as sulphonated asphalt, which is widely used as a shale stabilizer and fluid loss reducer in oil and gas well-drilling operations. To complement our SAS production, GCC also has a comprehensive range of other in-house-formulated specialty chemicals used in drilling and completion fluids. These include: Drilling and Completion Fluids Additives, a full range of Acid Stimulation Additives, Reservoir Drill-in Fluids (RDF) and Lost Circulation Solutions.
The company continually strives to develop new products for the drilling fluids, completion fluids and well stimulation markets to satisfy client requirements. Our in-house development, formulation and manufacturing expertise enables us to respond quickly to customer requirements.
GCC also offers Toll Blending, packaging, labelling and warehousing services to major chemical companies in the UAE with capabilities to blend aqueous- and hydrocarbon-based products and additives. A Plant Expansion Project will enhance our chemical synthesis capabilities and our R&D Team are developing the next-generation speciality chemicals range.
The manufacturing plant is located in Abu Dhabi’s Industrial Area ICAD 1 and occupies approximately 30,000 square meters. Storage facilities for all raw materials and products have been incorporated, including bulk storage facilities for key raw materials and intermediates. The plant was designed and manufactured using international companies experienced in the delivery of such projects.
GCC is committed to provide the technology and highest level of quality to meet industry standards and specifications and is accredited to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 management standards, as well as being approved by several major oil production and service companies in the region. GCC is able to customize product formulations to meet the needs of drilling fluid service companies, producing specific products and packages to their bespoke requirements.
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