Health Monitoring Management System (HMMS)

Our companies’ greatest asset is our workforce; therefore, great effort is exerted to improve and sustain our employee’s health. Our Health Monitoring Management System (HMMS) provides programs to help employees and their families achieve optimal health.


The HMMS includes medical evaluation of all employees upon hiring and at fixed intervals thereafter. Different programs are then used to maintain or improve their health by encouraging and facilitating a healthy lifestyle. Education about diet, lifestyle, body awareness, and disease prevention is achieved primarily through empowering and motivating our employees to take ownership of their health.

Our HMMS includes the following programs:

  • Pre-employment Medical Examination
  • Categorization
  • Consultation
  • Occupational Health Risk Assessment
  • Education
  • Health Activities
  • Periodic Medical Examination

Know Your Body Training

Prevention is the key to maintaining optimal health and education is the most important aspect. AlMansoori invests many resources to properly educate employees about their health. Employees are taught to understand how the body works and what the requirements are to maintain proper functioning. They are also taught the facts about healthy nutrition, factors that allow one to lead a healthy lifestyle, advice to strengthen the immune system in order to avoid sickness, introductions to alternative therapies, and other tips on disease prevention.


Know Your Body Training
This is a mandatory four hour training course that all employees must complete and pass an exam on the subject. This course provides a basic knowledge of the body’s anatomy and physiology in hopes that the understanding will motivate people to take ownership for their own health.

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