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To achieve sustainable excellence in service with the Happiest workforce.

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To make Happiness a way of life within the company to create a positive working environment, in which our workforce can achieve job satisfaction and career development.

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Trust, respect, fairness, empathy, and dignity shall be how we treat each other within the spirit of working together in Happiness.

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Happiness at AlMansoori

  • AlMansoori declared 2017 as the year of Happiness.
  • AlMansoori transformed HSEQ into HHSEQ, as Happiness is treated equally important as Health, Safety, Environment and Quality.
  • Happiness is now an integral part of the AlMansoori business pillars, as it has been demonstrated to be a strong enabler to improve business results.


AlMansoori has implemented Happiness as a key business theme during 2017 as one of the first companies in the private sector in the UAE. Early results indicate that Happiness got widely embraced in the company with no resistance or cynicism. The new culture whereby Happiness is an enabler that is on par with health, safety and quality clearly will set-up AlMansoori for a better future both business commercially and as a community of employees.

AlMansoori started as a slickline company in 1977 in one geographical location (Abu Dhabi) and it has transformed into a large conglomerate covering upstream and downstream business in oil, gas, chemicals, manufacturing, training and manpower supporting services. AlMansoori has expanded from Abu Dhabi into 17 countries in 3 continents in the Middle East, Central Asia and Europe. AlMansoori as such is a very diverse company both in terms of scope as well in its employees, coming from 57 different countries with all their specific cultural backgrounds.

AlMansoori is a unique company in many ways evident from the way how the company has expanded in terms of businesses growth and diversity, diversity of geographical locations, make-up of the work-force and adopting new practices.

AlMansoori is also known as a family company yet moreover as a trendsetting company with a very high level of engagement by their CEO as well as the Board of Directors with their workforce as well as their clients. It was therefore not a big surprise that AlMansoori CEO declared the main business theme for 2017 as Happiness!

There was a clear rationale behind this decision. AlMansoori has a strong and well tested systems in place related to company vision, mission, strategies, objectives, core-values and associated KPIs to measure all these. The basis for the decision was that increased happiness in in full support of all of the above, it is good for the employees’ wellbeing, for AlMansoori and therefore for the AlMansoori clients. Whilst it is challenging to quantity happiness in AlMansoori with respect to the benefit due to the complex business structure (different countries, business lines and cultures) a pragmatic approach was adopted whereby a business benefit value has been derived which will be targeted for 2017/2018.

Client feedback has shown that the AlMansoori workforce belongs to the happiest people in the oil and gas operations in the Middle East. Enhancing this was believed to give a true competitive advantage whereby improvement savings can be passed on to the clients (creating their happiness).

Happiness – In psychology, happiness is a mental or emotional state of well-being which can be defined by, amongst others, positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy. Happy mental states may reflect judgments by a person about their overall well-being

A large amount of study has been conducted related to happiness. AlMansoori has adopted the theory of Dr. Michael F. Steger on the Basics of Happiness.
“Hundreds of research studies from around the world have examined human happiness. The list of possible ways to measure and define in a scientific manner is huge. Several integrative models and theories have staked their claim to a definitive list of what people need to be happy. I’ve been reading this research since 2000 and have found that certain key elements come up in research study and theory after theory. Taking a big picture perspective reveals that happiness really boils down to finding fulfillment in four key areas: Emotions, Relationships, Self-Regard and Purpose. These four areas are the foundation of creating a happy life and a happy workplace.

Happiness Implementation Process

The Happiness implementation process was based on the following key strategies :
Engagement with key stakeholders
External key stakeholders were identified the company clients as well as the UAE Minister of Happiness. Clients were briefed during client visits with the Happiness concept and the advantages for them. For example the vision for new technology deployment was redefined to read “faster value from technology leading to client happiness”.
The engagement with the Minister of Happiness had the following objectives :
Supporting the vision of UAE related to Happiness.
Exchange of learnings between the Minister or Happiness and AlMansoori CHO
Demonstrating AlMansoori willingness of showing a sense of belonging to UAE society whereby this should be seen as signal to the AlMansoori workforce how committed the management team is about Happiness.
During these sessions it became clear that although there is a high level of implementation in government institutions, overall the private sector is two steps behind that and progress is slow. AlMansoori in this respect is a trend-setter for the private sector.
Drive happiness in the business and measure the effectiveness
Happiness was driven the business with a number of – simple yet appealing – initiatives. Examples are :
Creating a positivity culture
This was achieved by visual aids like the placement of happiness signs in all work-places, happiness stickers, flyers, computer screen animations and so forth. Overall feedback has been encouraging and spin-offs are observed whereby teams design their own happiness features.
From a leadership perspective key focus has been on mentoring and coaching in situations of underperformance instead of releasing and replacing. The fact that AlMansoori in the downturn has not released staff is in support of this.

AlMansoori Happiness Video

An AlMansoori own directed happiness video is a key highlight in the 2017 happiness journey. Video material was shot in multiple locations in the Mussafah base with multiple work teams involved. AlMansoori CHO also took a key role in the editing and producing of the video, which will be shown during the SPE presentation in the 2018 MEDT conference. The video is of short duration (2:47 minutes), has no spoken text and tune get played every hour via the company intercom system for a few seconds. This is a directive and reminder for all company staff to focus on their happiness. The video was widely viewed by external parties as it was part of the Happiness stand during ADIPEC 2017.

The key message of the hourly`tune is that people cannot be forced to be happy but at the same time happiness is a choice that everyone can make.

Also for those colleague who may suffer in anyway and are not happy in their work, should be reaching out to colleagues and seeking for help. Doing this is strength and not weakness.

Celebration Events

AlMansoori during the year holds a large number of celebration events which all in their own right qualify for happiness events. In many the AlMansoori clients get fully involved. A number of these events are highlighted below

The Milestone Recognition Program (MRP) ensures that all safety achievements get celebrated with the AlMansoori clients. These events are held in all geographical locations where AlMansoori holds contracts.

The AlMansoori Annual Golf Tournament and Family Day are examples of high acclaimed events whereby AlMansoori employees, their families and clients mingle and have fun or compete together.

AlMansoori participates in selected international award events. During 2017 AlMansoori got awarded the Oilfield Services Company Of The Year in the middle East Oil and Gas Awards. It is a compelling case for making the positive connection between happiness and performance.

The Chief Happiness Officer is responsible for happiness levels within the team and the company and to guarantee the wellbeing of the company’s employees and to create an environment where people can flourish, can reach their potential and be Happy.

The CHO is responsible for the contentment of individual employees and will initiate and spread a Happiness culture in the office. The level of Happiness will be analyzed frequently in the workplace by interacting with employees to gather their views on current working conditions. Working with other executives to develop and implement procedures that will enable and encourage a Happy working environment.

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